Safe-Guard Specimen Transport Mailing Containers

If you ship diagnostic specimens, you'll be relieved to learn about the Safe-Guard specimen container. It meets the industry's safety and packaging requirements. It also comes ready to use. Its components can be customized to meet your particular requirements.

It leaves nothing for the diagnostic labs to do. Hospitals and clinics will find Safe-Guard shippers simple to use and easy to ship, because the package has been approved by the U.S. Postal Service and major couriers. The containers thermally reticulated polyether polyurethane foam is specially formulated to absorb aqueous solutions.

Safe-Guard Shippers include a clear plastic snap-lock case, polyurethane foam, recloseable secondary watertight bag, and a white corrugated shipping container.

For more information, call your Safe-Guard Sales Representative or call 800-220-1245.

Warning: Diagnostic specimens and other hazardous or infectious liquids, when contained in any specimen shipper, may continue to be hazardous or unsafe. Therefore, wear appropriate protective clothing and gloves and exercise extreme care when handling, sorting or disposing of specimen shippers, or absorbent materials containing such liquids to avoid personal injury and environmental harm. Handle transport and disposal of such specimen shippers or absorbent materials only in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. To avoid contamination or personal injury and to retain specimen integrity, S-G recommends that specimen shippers never be reused.

  • Aids Confirmatory Test Sample Mailings
  • TB Testing & Sampling
  • Bio Hazard Specimens
  • Etiologic Agent Transport
  • Urine Specimen Collections